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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Microsoft Azure portal?

Microsoft Azure portal Build, manage, and monitor everything from simple web apps to complex cloud applications in a single, unified console

How do I manage departments in the Azure EA portal?

Sign in to the Azure EA Portal as an enterprise administrator. Select Manage on the left navigation. Select Department. Hover over the row with the account and select the pencil icon on the right. Select the department from the drop-down menu.

How do I add an administrator to the Azure Enterprise portal?

Sign in to the Azure Enterprise portal. Go to Manage > Enrollment Detail. Select + Add Administrator at the top right. Make sure that you have the user's email address and preferred authentication method, such as a work, school, or Microsoft account.

How do I manage notifications in the Azure EA portal?

In the Azure EA portal, navigate to Manage > Notification Contact. Email Address – The email address associated with the Enterprise Administrator's Microsoft Account, Work, or School Account that receives the notifications.

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