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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Azure Data Factory (ADF)?

What Is Azure Data Factory (ADF)? Azure Data Factory is defined as a data integration service. The aim of Azure Data Factory is to fetch data from one or more data sources and convert them into a format that we process. The data sources might contain noise that we need to filter out.

What is azazure Data Explorer?

Azure Data Explorer Fast and highly scalable data exploration service Products Compute Compute Access cloud compute capacity and scale on demand—and only pay for the resources you use Virtual Machines Provision Windows and Linux VMs in seconds

What can Microsoft Azure do for You?

Protect your data and code while the data is in use in the cloud. Application and data modernization Accelerate time to market, deliver innovative experiences, and improve security with Azure application and data modernization. Back Data and analytics Back

How can Azure Data Factory help you manage your data pipelines?

Maintaining pipelines with a rapidly changing data landscape can quickly become time-consuming, involving manual interventions. In Azure Data Factory, you can not only monitor all your activity runs visually, you can also improve operational productivity by setting up alerts proactively to monitor your pipelines.

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