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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Azure portal?

To connect, browse to the portal at Sign in using your Azure Government credentials. Once you sign it, you should see "Microsoft Azure Government" in the upper left of the main navigation bar.

How do I add users to my Azure portal?

Click on "User Management" on the top left of the Azure Portal. Click on the "Add New Co-Admin" button on the top left of the Azure portal. Enter the Windows Live ID (email address) of the person you wish to add as a Co-Administrator, and click on the checkbox of the subscription you wish to add the "co-admin" to.

How to create Azure storage account in portal?

How to create an Azure Storage Account in the new portal Log into your Azure Subscription at Click New, Data + Storage, Storage Account Choose Create Type a name for your storage account. ... Now, click Create. Wait a few moments for your storage account to be created. ... More items...

What are Azure web app service plans?

An Azure App Service plan provides the resources that an App Service app needs to run . This guide shows how to manage an App Service plan. If you have an App Service Environment, see Create an App Service plan in an App Service Environment. You can create an empty App Service plan, or you can create a plan as part of app creation.

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