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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bib Kreyol Ayisyen?

Bib kreyòl ayisyen is a complete bible in creole haitien language. To make this android application complete Bib en Kreyol is with Nouveau Testament e Ansyen Testament including daily devotionals, verses, quotes and prayers. This android application is free for download and better work online but some sections of the bible can be used offline.

What is the Akademi Kreyol Ayisyen?

In 2017, Renauld Govain, dean of the Faculty of Applied Linguistics at the State University of Haiti, criticized the Akademi's first resolution, saying it confused orthography, alphabet and spelling. The Akademi Kreyòl Ayisyen allows for anywhere from 33 to 55 akademisyen – or members.

What does the word 'frequent' mean in Haitian Creole?

For example, as Valdman mentions in Haitian Creole: Structure, Variation, Status, Origin, the word for "frequent" in French is fréquent; however, its cognate in Haitian Creole frekan means 'insolent, rude, and impertinent' and usually refers to people.

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