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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary role of the Aviation Safety Department?

1.1 Purpose The primary role of the Aviation Safety Department is to promote programs that support operational excellence, preven t accidents and incidents, and manage corporate risk. The Airline Safety Management System (SMS) is proactive, predictive, and data-driven in nature.

What is the SMS for the FAA?

The SMS constitutes the operating principles that support the ATO in objectively examining the safety of its operations. This document is the result of an ATO-wide effort, and reflects current international best practices and intra-agency lessons learned. It marks an important next step toward a mature and integrated SMS in the FAA.

What are the components of the safety management system (SMS)?

The four components of the Safety Management System (SMS) combine to create a systemic approach to managing and ensuring safety. These components are: Safety Policy: The documented organizational policy that defines management’s commitment, responsibility, and accountability for safety.

What is Manual of aircraft accident and incident investigation (Doc 9756)?

The Manual of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation(Doc 9756) contains guidance on the conduct of independent State accident and incident investigations in accordance with Annex 13 — Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation.

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