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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we at automobila?

We're automotive fanatics. We scour auctions, estate sales, private events and car shows from coast to coast to bring you the very best automobila, roadart and petroliana. We're serious collectors who make these fine pieces available for fellow collectors. We ship our pieces to collectors throughout the US and Canada.

What is automobilia magazine?

Automobilia and petroliana industry professionals write about history, current values, and the sheer joy of collecting! Includes detailed auction reports, industry news, and up-to-date automobilia event and auction calendars. The PERFECT magazine for automobilia collectors and enthusiasts!

Who is Bob's automobilia?

Bob's Automobilia we specialize in new and used restoration parts for 1920 to 1957 era Buicks! Bob's Automobilia started out in 1979. We specialize in new and used restoration parts for 1920 to 1957 era Buicks. We have over 3,500 items available, including quality originals and reproductions.

What is eautomobilia?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- eAutomobilia is the online presence for Wilkinson’s Automobilia. Historically, we were a retail store open 5 days a week, priding ourselves in customer service, inventory, and community connection.

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