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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use the CCleaner Registry Clean?

CCleaner has quite a few tools that you don't need, either. For example, you just don't need a registry cleaner. While there may be some outdated entries in your registry, they take up a miniscule amount of space and don't slow your computer down. For anything else in CCleaner you might want, you can find a CCleaner alternative.

Is a registry cleaner necessary?

No. Not only is it not necessary, it's a very bad thing to do. Registry cleaning programs are all snake oil. Cleaning of the. registry isn't needed and is dangerous. Leave the registry alone and. don't use any registry cleaner.

Is wise registry cleaner free?

Wise Registry Cleaner is a free registry cleaner program for Windows with many advanced features. Among other things, registry backups are created automatically, you can schedule cleanings, and program updates are performed in place.

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