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Frequently Asked Questions

What is attumen the Huntsman good at?

Attumen the Huntsman is the proud owner of Midnight, the strongest horse in the stables. If his horse is put in danger, he will rush to defend and destroy the attackers. As the first and easiest boss in Karazhan, he is considered a gear check for any adventurers who wish to delve deeper into Karazhan.

How does attumen work with Midnight?

Attumen mounts Midnight and the two of them fight as a single opponent. If Midnight has more health than Attumen, Attumen's health percentage goes up to Midnight's. Attumen gains the Berserker Charge ability, and continues using his Shadow Cleave and Intangible Presence abilities.

What does attumen the Huntsman yell at his quarry?

Attumen the Huntsman yells: Always knew... someday I would become... the hunted. Attumen the Huntsman yells: My quarry never escapes! Attumen the Huntsman yells: Well, well! Another group of thieves trying to steal my horse! Attumen the Huntsman says: Ah, faithful Midnight. For many years, our countless hunts provided game for the master's table.

How do you build rage as an attumen tank?

Simply allow the tank a few moments to build threat, then attack with light damage output. A warrior Attumen tank can build rage by attacking Midnight with white damage. Phase Two starts when Midnight is reduced to 95% health. Attumen spawns near Midnight and begins attacking immediately.

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