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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you disarm attumen?

Assign a tank for Midnight and another tank for Attumen. It's best if the Attumen tank is a warrior, to easily disarm Attumen. The Midnight tank is best one that can swap to damage-dealing after Attumen mounts up. Arms warriors or feral druids can typically do this.

How do I beat attumen?

Main tank should pick up any add spawns in phase one. Main tank should quickly pick up Attumen in phase two and face him away from the raid. Keep both bosses 10 yards apart in phase two. Use Disarm on Attumen. Try to Spell Reflection his Intangible Presence cast. Quickly build aggro at the start of phase three and face Attumen away from the raid.

What is attumen the Huntsman good at?

Attumen the Huntsman is the proud owner of Midnight, the strongest horse in the stables. If his horse is put in danger, he will rush to defend and destroy the attackers. As the first and easiest boss in Karazhan, he is considered a gear check for any adventurers who wish to delve deeper into Karazhan.

How do you start Phase 3 of attumen?

Phase three begins when either Attumen or Midnight reach 25% health and you can choose to bring either down first. However, whichever has the higher health will be Attumen’s remaining life to start phase three, meaning that you need to strike a balance between balancing both Attumen and Midnight.

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