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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best VR Sports Games?

It has this one of the best VR sports games today. Disc golf probably isn’t the first sport you are thinking about when we say “VR sports games”, but Disc Benders: Ace Run is too much fun. The game mechanics are made PERFECT for virtual reality. If you’ve never played disc golf before, it is a combination between frisbee and golf.

What is VrVr Sports Challenge?

VR Sports Challenge is a more casual game that has a ton of different sports to try. It was released in 2016 to showcase the features of the motion touch controllers. Sports included in the game are:

Can you play sports in virtual reality?

The great part of VR is you’re not bound by the limits of reality. It allows sports that aren’t possible to play as of yet to become a reality. Among the best of the bunch is Echo Arena, a dazzling visual experience that puts you on a team in space where gravity is no object and the point of the game is to throw disks into a goal.

How much does VR Sports Challenge cost on Oculus?

In baseball, you’ll be swinging away for home runs in a fully animated ballpark as well. Each game provides a nice workout and a fairly immersive experience with my favorite being the hockey experience. VR Sports Challenge is $19.99 on Oculus.

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