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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Major League Baseball really shutting down?

Major League Baseball is shut down, and a quarter century of labor peace is over. The sport’s owners locked out the players at midnight entering Thursday, initiating baseball’s first work stoppage in 26 years, and the ninth in the sport’s history.

Which teams matter the most in September baseball?

The A's and Reds stage uplifting reunions, and even the Mets find some joy in this week's Good Times, Jake Mintz writes. When it comes to September baseball, some teams matter more than others. Jake Mintz ranks them from No. 1 to No. 30. The Giants and Dodgers are setting up an epic race in the NL West.

Who are the best baseball teams in the USA Olympic roster?

Jordan Shusterman breaks down the USA baseball Olympic roster of former big leaguers, young prospects and veteran journeymen. The NL West-leading San Francisco Giants maintain the top spot in Ben V's latest rankings.

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