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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do athletes need athletic trainers?

Because all athletic trainers deal directly with a variety of people, they need good social and communication skills. They should be able to manage difficult situations and the stress associated with them, such as when disagreements arise with coaches, patients, clients, or parents regarding suggested treatment.

Who is the greatest female athlete?

Serena Williams. Whenever the conversation of world No.1 tennis player Serena Williams comes up she’s often referred to as the greatest female athlete ever. However, Nike just released an ad recently proclaiming Williams the greatest athlete ever, dropping “female” from the description.

What are elite athletes?

elite athlete. A person who is currently or has previously competed as a varsity player (individual or team), a professional player or a national or international level player.

What is athletic fitness?

Fitness. Fitness is the physical and mental process of working toward specific athletic, performance or training goals through a regimented program. Research shows that to significantly improve sports performance, overall athleticism and physical ability, athletes must complete fitness sessions in addition to playing their sport.

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