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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ASOS a good place to shop?

The site offers an assortment of floor-length, midi, and even maternity dresses that will appeal to everyone in your bridal party. ASOS is a particularly great place to shop if you have tall or petite members in your party, because they have many of the same styles across various size ranges.

Is ASOS in the US?

ASOS serves as a primary climatological observing network in the United States. Not every ASOS is located at an airport; for example, one of these units is located at Central Park in New York City. ASOS data are archived in the Global Surface Hourly database, with data from as early as 1901.

What is ASOS and AWOS?

ASOS is a automated machine owned by the National Weather Service that provides current weather information. It does not have the ability to give out NOTAMs or any other information. AWOS: Automated Weather Observation System. AWOS is similar to an ASOS, but is usually owned by the state or the airport.

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