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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my ASOS student promo code?

If you confirm your student status through ASOS, you should receive your unique student promo code instantly. Discount is only valid for UNiDAYS valid members and students that have verified their details through ASOS. Discount is non-transferable.

Can the ASOS discount be terminated?

ASOS reserve the right to terminate the Discount without notice. Discount is non-transferable and is valid only for the student who was sent the unique code. Should a unique student code be used by anyone other than the intended user, the Discount will be withdrawn without notice.

How do I get a totum discount at ASOS?

TOTUM (formerly NUS extra) or Apprentice extra members can enter their unique code into the Promo code or student code box at checkout. NUS Extra and TOTUM card numbers are no longer accepted online. Click here to get your 10% discount code with TOTUM and find out how the student discount offer works at ASOS.

Is ASOS the best fashion site for 20s?

The leading fashion destination for stylish 20-somethings, ASOS offers a curated edit of 85,000 items, sourced from both in-house labels and the best global brands.

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