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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ASOS clothing good quality?

When it comes to the quality of ASOS clothing, it’s a mixed bag. The jeans and maternity wear get great marks for good quality, but ASOS suits are consistently mentioned as low quality in multiple online reviews. As an additional benefit for younger online shoppers, the company also offers a 10 percent student discount on its clothing.

How many pairs of jeans did ASOS sell in 2016?

The store actually sold 2.7 million pairs of jeans in 2016, according to Who What Wear. The publication found that the Ridley High-Waist Skinny Jean is the most popular style on the ASOS site. In fact, Who What Wear reports that ASOS sold a whopping 32,000 pairs of this pant in 2016.

Why ASOS design Farleigh jeans?

ASOS DESIGN is your go-to when it comes to high waisted beauties thanks to our Farleigh cut that comes in a range of lengths and washes to celebrate your unique style. After a pair of mom jeans that go with every top in your wardrobe?

What does ASOS's corporate responsibility look like?

Our ASOS review also found that the company has uniquely and visibly outlined their goals to maintain a strong sense of corporate responsibility. For ASOS, this means taking the initiative to reduce its carbon footprint on the world by embracing environmentally-friendly practices and green initiative goals.

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