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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use ASOS promo code?

ASOS has a small promo code window available at checkout. Users simply input their chosen promo code and apply it to their order. It’s important to note that many of ASOS’ best deals apply automatically, without a code. How do I get free shipping at ASOS?

How can I get Free Delivery on ASOS?

First-time shoppers get a special promo code, and ASOS often has coupons for free delivery on orders meeting specific price thresholds. What savings can I find on the ASOS app?

How much is the ASOS birthday discount?

Birthday: Earn a 15 percent birthday discount when you join the ASOS email list. Student Discount: Students get 10% off.

How much is the L'Oreal discount at ASOS?

– 30% off 3 L'Oreal orders at ASOS. Are you a student? Students get 10% off at ASOS (all year round) and from time to time, they offer an upsized rate (25%).

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