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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right Chelsea boots for You?

Consider what budget you have in mind, read the short description of the brands, and browse the Style Example albums listed under each brand for what type of Chelsea boots they sell. Look at silhouette (sleek to chunky), the types or colours of leathers they use, and the soles (leather or rubber/slim or chunky).

Does ASOS design sell men's heeled boots?

ASOS DESIGN has a wide range of boots to suit any occasion, including a selection of men’s heeled boots for when you want to stand tall and put your best foot forward. Oops! Sorry, this page is unavailable right now.

Who invented the Chelsea boot?

The same year, the British Thomas Hancock claimed to have also invented vulcanisation independently for which he received a British Patent in 1844. What matters though is that without vulcanised rubber, or elastic as we call it now, the Chelsea boot as we known it would not exist.

Why do the Beatles wear Chelsea boots?

In 1962, George Harrison and Ringo Starr joined them and paired with suits so they would look like a uniform. Soon they came to be known as ‘the Beatle boot’. It was also during this time when the image-conscious Mod subculture started wearing tailored suits, drove customized scooters, and wore Chelsea boots.

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