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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asombroso El Platino silver tequila good?

Asombroso El Platino Silver Tequila ($50 – 80 proof) – With the La Rosa Reposado being such a train wreck, we were pleasantly surprised with Asombroso’s El Platino Silver. The Platino has a very pleasant nose with distinct herbal notes including anise and light white pepper.

What is Asombroso la Rosa reposado tequila?

Asombroso La Rosa Reposado Tequila ($50 – 80 proof) – From the get-go we were intrigued by this tequila. It’s an interesting move to take a tequila and age it in French oak (let alone in a barrel previously used for Bordeaux), and this rose-colored tequila looks intriguing.

Is Asombroso a love it or hate it bottle?

Bottled in hand-blown replicas of 18th-century decanter bottles, Asombroso looks distinctly different from other tequilas. The bottle is absolutely a “love it or hate it” bottle. Some of the members of our tasting panel liked the throw-back look, while others thought it looked a little like a glass sex toy.

What is the difference between Asombroso Anejo and La Rosa?

The nose of the Asombroso Anejo is monster butterscotch; as with the La Rosa, it’s difficult to get past the overwhelming butterscotch notes to anything underneath. The entry is very thick with white pepper and oak up front, then butterscotch flavors that are not nearly as sweet as on the nose.

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