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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the historic Asolo Theater open to the public?

A short documentary of the Historic Asolo Theater, is available for viewing in the John M. McKay Visitor Pavilion, directly outside the theater entrance. The Historic Asolo Theater is open for public viewing during select hours; please inquire upon arrival for available times.

What does Asolo Rep get from the exchange?

Asolo Repertory Theatre will receive a $35,000 grant from The Exchange in support of the 2021-2022 season. The grant represents the continuation of a longstanding relationship between the two Sarasota nonprofits... Purchase Professional Costumes from Asolo Rep’s Vault During this Two-Day Sale...

Who are the leaders of Asolo Rep?

Be sure to check out the latest edition of Sarasota Scene Magazine for a special cover story featuring Asolo Rep leadership, Michael Donald Edwards and Linda DiGabriele (who is als... Yesterday we kicked off rehearsal for Asolo Rep's BardWired Tour of "Much Ado About Nothing."

Why did Caterina give Asolo to Antonio Locatelli?

As a reward for her service, she was granted the village of Asolo, Italy, where (in exile) she reigned over a court renowned for its grace and beauty. In 1798, architect Antonio Locatelli created the theater in the great hall of Caterina’s palace.

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