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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Asha in Game of Thrones?

Asha travels through the wolfswood to visit Theon at Winterfell, but she refuses to stay and help him defend the castle since it is so far inland. The ten men left by Asha eventually abandon Theon prior to the battle at Winterfell. Balon, King of the Isles and the North, is reported to have fallen to his death at Pyke.

Who is Asha Greyjoy in The Lord of the Rings?

Asha Greyjoy is the daughter of Balon Greyjoy. She had three brothers; Rodrik, Maron, and Theon Greyjoy. Only Theon is still alive, as the other two died in Balon's ill-conceived Greyjoy Rebellion . She is described as having dark hair, and not being particularly pretty during childhood.

What is Asha's brother's opinion of her?

Asha's brother, Theon Greyjoy, believes her hawk-like nose is too big and sharp for her small face, but he feels that her wicked smile makes up for it. Asha is a wild and headstrong young woman, raised by her mother to be bold. There is a boldness to the way she walks; part saunter, part sway.

What is the role of Asha in the Black Wind?

Asha personally leads her men into battle. She captains her own ship, Black Wind, and has the devotion of her crew, who take a perverse pride in the deeds of their female captain. According to Asha, half of them love her like a daughter, while the other half want to sleep with her.

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