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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of your favorite ASOIAF fanfics?

There are plenty of self-inserts, OC-inserts, and the like. My personal favorites are: Sean Bean Saves Westeros [Sean Bean into Eddard Stark] (this is what got me into the ASOIAF fanfic community, so it holds a special place in my heart) Part two

What is your Joffrey's self-insert?

A sort-of Self-Insert where Joffrey isn't a psychopath. Partly inspired by the fourth-wall breaking moments in House of Cards. "You're just enough of a good person to be a benevolent king, and just enough of a heartless bastard to be a strong one."

What happens when a modern Englishman dies in ASOIAF?

When a modern Englishman dies in a car crash and finds himself in asoiaf, he gets the shock of his life. Forced into an impossible situation, he's armed with only his wits and knowledge of things to come. Will he fall into despair or forge his own destiny? A self-insert fanfiction.

Is Maegor's twin brother reincarnated in ASOIAF?

An SI who only has watched the HBO 'Game of Thrones' show gets reincarnated in ASOIAF verse as Maegor the Cruel's twin brother.

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