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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sandor have any influence on Sansa's character?

So far, Sandor has had quite a bit of influence on Sansa's character and vice versa. I think it's totally plausible that Sandor could sort of "take the blinders off" when it comes to Petyr. After all, Sandor was in the throne room when Ned was betrayed by Petyr. How would Sansa feel if she found out LF was part of taking her father down?

Why can't Sansa banish LF?

Unlike Daenerys, Sansa has no power to banish LF. Edit to add: Another yuck factor: Both LF and Jorah see Sansa and Dany as an link or "second chance" to their youthful great loves (Catelyn Tully and Jorah's Hightower bride) More sharing options...

Is Sansa really in love with Sansa?

He is sincerely in love with Sansa, and since he has never known nor had love in his life, he doesn't know how to deal with it and hence this duality. 2.

How would you compare Sansa to Sandor Clegane?

Sandor is the polar opposite of Sansa. He is a disturbed, bitter, twisted cynic who protects himself from the world by simply hating everything, whereas Sansa is an innocent idealist who lives 'in songs'.

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