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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Essos on a map?

These maps show the lands to the North, the Wall, Westeros, and even Essos. Essos is landmass to the east of Westeros where the Free Cities are located and the cities of Slaver’s Bay.

What is Essos in a song of ice and fire?

In the novels of A Song of Ice and Fire, the continent is simply called the eastern continent, beyond the narrow sea, or the east; George R. R. Martin first referred to it as Essos in mid-2008 in an interview, and later officially confirmed it. The Appendix of A Dance with Dragons officially refers to the continent east of the narrow sea as Essos.

What is Essos in game of Thrones?

Essos is a land of great extremes: its great rivers (such as the Rhoyne and the Sarne) dwarf the largest rivers in Westeros and its tallest mountains are far beyond the tallest peaks of the Sunset Lands in size. Its cities are larger and its merchants richer, by far, than their western cousins.

Is Essos bigger than Westeros?

Essos is considerably larger than Westeros, though its true extent is unknown as no map of the entire continent currently exists. The north coast of the mainland is separated from the polar cap by the Shivering Sea. To the south, across the Summer Sea, lies the uncharted continent of Sothoryos.

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