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Frequently Asked Questions

What are fanfic tropes?

Fanfic Tropes. This is an index page for Tropes which are typical of Fanfics. Given that fanfiction probably was born only a few minutes after the creation of the first (really good) original story, these are likely among some of the oldest tropes in existence. In addition most of the Tropes in original fiction can also appear in fanfiction.

Is there any good ASOIAF fanfiction out there?

Still, probably the best ASOIAF fanfiction out there. Not abandoned on ao3. At least, that's what the author says. ht and I think it's fantastic so far. It follows Jaime in a world where he goes to the wall after killing Aerys. At the wall he befriends Mance Rayder while he's still a crow and it's just a great conc

What are the different types of fanfiction?

Murderers Are Rapists: A criminal rapes their victim before killing them. No Punctuation Period: A fanfiction with no punctuation. Obligatory Swearing: A fanfiction that features profanity to be more adult. Obvious Crossover Method: A story has an obvious method through which crossovers can occur.

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