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Frequently Asked Questions

Who writes the J/s ship in ASOIAF fanfiction?

She usually writes Dany/Jorah and some incredibly well-done Jon/Sansa (she's the main reason for the popularity of the J/S ship in ASOIAF fanfic), but also seems to have a soft spot for Jaime as well. Comments: A fairly prolific writer, with a number of great concepts and "What If"s behind his stories.

What is the fanfic about Arya Stark?

The fanfic is in Spanish. Synopsis: Arya Stark abandons the Faceless Men, returning to Westeros after refusing to kill Aegon Targaryen. Synopsis: Princess Shireen Baratheon vows to do what her father failed to do: Get Jon Snow away from the Wall.

Is Team Aegon sympathetically portrayed in this fanfic?

Unlike most ASOIAF fanfics tending to demonize Team Aegon, here they are front and center and protrayed sympathetically.

What do you like most about the Baratheon FIC?

The main strength of this fic is its characterization, with portrayals faithful to the books, while showing how everyone, not just Jaime, grow and evolve as the story progresses. Has its own trope page. Synopsis: Joffery and Tommen Baratheon are dead, tragically slain at the older brother's wedding.

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