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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ASOIAF fanfics you've ever read?

(Abandoned) Along with Dragons of ice and fire (Again abandoned) are the best fanfics I ever read. Some lesser mentions are Lies, Maester Wolf, Catalyst. Definitely the best asoiaf fanfic I've ever read, possibly even the best fanfic I've read in general.

What did Eddard Stark read in the book Pile in Winterfell?

When Lord Eddard Stark discovers a strange pile of books in Winterfell, he and his family start to read it, and discover what exactly the future has in store for them. No original text from the books included. Hey guys!

What is ASOIAF Star Wars rated?

This story is rated M (it's ASOIAF after all. . .) and may include strong violence, language, or sexual content. It was supposed to only focus on the Starks and friends, and then got way, WAY out of control.

Does GRRM approve of ASOIAF fanfiction?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was very hesitant to upload this story, both because I know that GRRM disapproves of ASOIAF fanfiction and also because it will be competing for time with my job, my blog, my original projects, and other such real-lifey things; I haven't written fanfiction in several years.

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