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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASOIAF stand for?

- General (ASoIaF) - A Forum of Ice and Fire - A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. How would you make the North rich and/or powerful?

Are there any epic-length ASOIAF fanfictions?

There aren't a lot of completed, epic-length ASOIAF fanfictions, at all. The only one I can even think of is The North Remembers, and it's definitely not what you're looking for. Serpentguy definitely brings shades of what you want into his stories.

Does GRRM approve of ASOIAF fanfiction?

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I was very hesitant to upload this story, both because I know that GRRM disapproves of ASOIAF fanfiction and also because it will be competing for time with my job, my blog, my original projects, and other such real-lifey things; I haven't written fanfiction in several years.

How strong is the north in Game of Thrones?

The North has a lot of strength left, but the same is true for the Lannisters and Tyrells. The North is coming south again, led by Jon Snow at the head of a wildling horde. And Winter at his back.

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