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Frequently Asked Questions

What is strong north?

Strong North has been made a synonym of The North is Powerful (A Song of Ice and Fire). Works and bookmarks tagged with Strong North will show up in The North is Powerful (A Song of Ice and Fire)'s filter.

How many ASOIAF fanfics are there?

There really aren't a lot of ASOIAF fanfics at all, let alone completed ones. There are currently about 25k works on AO3 in the ASOIAF category, 19.4k marked as complete. That's not counting whatever is on FFN (I think it's ~7k), alternativehistory and other forums.

Is there a fanfic for the many sons of winter?

ON SKIS!!! SV mirror thread here. So there exists a fanfic called The Many Sons of Winter, with the concept of having a North with the same population as the Reach, borrowing from Russia instead of Scandinavia. You can look at it here (if you are an user) or here, and can look at the Tvtropes page here.

Who is the North’s protector?

GREENSEERERS LYARRA AND BENJEN! The North has a mind of its own! The North has chosen its protector in Brandon of House Stark, the Wild Wolf.

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