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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ASOIAF fanfics you've ever read?

(Abandoned) Along with Dragons of ice and fire (Again abandoned) are the best fanfics I ever read. Some lesser mentions are Lies, Maester Wolf, Catalyst. Definitely the best asoiaf fanfic I've ever read, possibly even the best fanfic I've read in general.

What kind of FICs do you like to read about the Starks?

Looking for fics basically that focus on the purely platonic bonds (Jon and Arya, Sansa and Arya, Jon and Robb or whatever combination really) between the Stark kids without any Jonerys or Gendrya getting in the way. Bonus if it’s around the book version of the characters, rather than the shows (particularly with Jon).

Who was the king of stone and Sky?

King Gareth II Gardener repelled the Ironborn Urrathon "Badbrother" who had raided up the Mandar all the way to Highgarden (Reach) Magnar Fowler crowned himself The King of Stone and Sky and went to war with King Dayne.

Where do Tywin Lannister and Robb Stark go during the war?

Robb Stark se encuentra en el Oeste, Tywin Lannister se dirige a detener su osada invasion mientras que en Desembarco del Rey se acerca el momento en el que Stannis Baratheon ataque la ciudad. La Guerra de los Cinco Reyes entra en su fase decisiva.

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