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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the gods of the faith?

The gods of the Faith are sometimes known as the new gods to differentiate them from the old gods of the First Men . The seven aspects of God, with the seven-pointed star in the middle.

Who are the Faith Militant and the warrior's sons?

The Faith Militant is therefore also known as the Swords and Stars or Stars and Swords. The Warrior's Sons were knights who renounced their titles, lands, gold, and possessions to fight for the Seven.

What is the seven-pointed star of the faith?

The Faith was brought to Westeros with the coming of the Andals thousands of years ago, and the Faith largely supplanted the local worship of the old gods. Some of the Andal warriors had the seven-pointed star of the Faith carved into their flesh to show their devotion.

What happened to the faith of the seven after Jaehaerys?

Whether or not the Faith retained the tax-exemption on its wealth and properties after Jaehaerys I's time is unknown. The Faith of the Seven is the predominant religion of the Seven Kingdoms. It is practiced in Dorne, the Reach, the stormlands, the crownlands, the riverlands, the westerlands, and the Vale of Arryn.

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