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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the asog community platform?

One of the ASOG community platform's functions is the ability for members & corporate supporters to post information related to the profession and those things interconnected, i.e., informative, educational, or for career enhancement.

What is the meaning of asog?

From contemporary Hiligaynon, Asog is a term given to female animals that can’t reproduce. In Aklan, the term means a female acting like a male or a “boyish” woman. Notice that Asog is entirely connected to women and men is out of context with men.

Why can't I get the asog monthly newsletter?

ASOG Members, Based on feedback from some of you regarding not getting the ASOG Monthly Newsletter and other info., it appears that individuals used an e-mail from a previous job or changed their personal e-mail account since joining ASOG. To stay connected with ASOG as a core member, “Sign-In” and update your profile on the ASOG Homepage, i.e.:

How do I change my email address on my asog profile?

Go to your “My Page” Open “Option” Click “Edit Profile” Change “E-Mail Address” – We recommend using a personal address vs. a work address…yes, it… Read more… ASOG Members, FYI, If you are in the job search mode, the job board has new ASO positions posted.

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