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Frequently Asked Questions

Who were the ‘asocials’ in Nazi Germany?

This group included beggars, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, and pacifists (people who believe war is unjustified). People who were categorised as ‘asocials’ were persecuted and some were taken to concentration camps where they were forced to wear black triangles. Roma and Sinti people were often classed as ‘asocial’.

What is the meaning of asocial person?

Definition of asocial : not social: such as a : rejecting or lacking the capacity for social interaction

What is the difference between asocial and antisocial?

While ‘antisocial’ denotes preferences against society, or social order, ‘asocial’ refers to individuals who aren’t social. Dictionaries define antisocial behavior as “contrary to the laws and customs of society, in a way that causes annoyance and disapproval in others,” or “marked by behavior deviating sharply from the social norm.”

What is an anti-social woman called?

Women also deemed to be anti-social included nonconformists and lesbians. The term "asocial" was also originally applied to heterosexual women who engaged in sex outside of marriage. The black triangle in the context of the marking system for prisoners in Nazi concentration camps.

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