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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs of antisocial behavior?

An antisocial person behaves in a manner not only negative, but can be a danger to others in society. Many exhibit violent behaviors to varying degrees. The abuse can be perpetrated toward other humans or animals.

How do you know if you have asociality?

People who have this disorder may display peculiar manners of talking and dressing and often have difficulty in forming relationships. In some cases, they may react oddly in conversations, not respond, or talk to themselves. Asociality has been observed in individuals who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

What are the signs of asocial personality disorder?

Those suffering from asocial personality disorder are intimidating and deceitful in relationships, are not very considerate about other’s rights and prefer not to follow the norms of society. People having this type of personality are usually involved in criminal activities.

What does it mean to be asocial?

Asocial behavior would seem to be appropriately defined as some point on the spectrum between pro-social behavior (perhaps the type of behavior demonstrated by a devoted extrovert: gregarious, outgoing, talkative, interested in connecting to others, comfortable with groups) and antisocial personality disorder.

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