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Frequently Asked Questions

Are cats really non-social?

Despite increasing evidence to the contrary, many members of the scientific community still stereotype cats as non-social purely on the grounds that they do not form dog-like packs. As a result, cats are frequently labelled "standoffish", "solitary", "asocial" or "unsociable" suggesting that they just don't like company.

What kind of behavior does ACCT Philly have for cats?

The behavior of these cats may range from fearful asocial to fearful reactive, and who may have reported potentially aggressive behavior displayed towards humans. ACCT Philly will share all available history with an adopter or Love Local Partner.

Do cats have a social hierarchy?

As well as the "rubbing hierarchy", later studies showed that some cats consistently choose to rest in close proximity to certain other individuals, but not close to certain others. Cat social structure was observed to be matriarchal, a little like a lion pride.

Is your cat behaving antisocially towards other felines?

When your cat is behaving antisocially towards other felines rather than you, it may be a standard territorial issue. After all, cats can be very possessive creatures despite their cute looks.

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