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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the asobots called in monmonkey typhoon?

Monkey Typhoon tells the story of three asobots (アソボット asobotto, romanized as "assobots" in Japanese version) —a form of robots whose general title is a portmanteau of the words association and robot — Goku, Tongo, and Joe. They are assisted in their journeys by Sanzo, a human, the son of the creator of the asobots, and Suzie,...

What does Asobotto Senki Gokū mean?

Monkey Typhoon, known in Japan as Association Robot Goku (アソボット戦記五九, Asobotto Senki Gokū, lit. "The War Chronicles of Goku the Assobot"), is a Japanese manga written by Shin Kibayashi (under the pen name Jōji Arimori) and illustrated by Romu Aoi.

What are the benefits of AO bot subscription?

Automated version checker - Notifies you when new bot updates are available for download. Your subscription gives you access to use the bot across all AO servers (Global-Steam/NA/INT, EU, Gemscool, ini3, mTrue and Glorious Atlantica). 100% safe and undetected - 24/7 stable operation.

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