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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asobo Studio?

Created in 2002 by a group of video game enthusiasts, Asobo Studio is considered as a leading PC and console video games development studio. We've created successful games adapted from famous brands, RnD on next generation equipment based games (360 kinect, PS3 move, Wii, HoloLens...), and critically acclaimed original IP's.

When did Asobo start making video games?

In 2002, twelve video game developers decided to work together. They bought the rights to the multiplayer PlayStation 2 game Super Farm and founded Asobo Studio. Their first game was published in 2003 by Ignition Entertainment.

How did Asobo become so successful?

Asobo started increasing its growth speed, recruiting about 20% new employees a year, leading to two separate production lines. Asobo was selected to develop the video game adaptation of Pixar's following films WALL-E and Up .

When will Asobo release Focus Home Interactive Game?

Asobo announce Focus Home Interactive deal: April 17th 2019 Microsoft acquires Asobo: November 14th or later (probably XO or later announcement) (7 months later) Asobo releases Focus Home Interactive game: 2021 (1.5+ years later/2+ years total) And actually unlike Obsidian, Asobo already has a game they're developing for Microsoft.

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