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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ascope ™ 4 Broncho endoscopy?

The aScope ™ 4 Broncho endoscopes are part of a single-use, flexible, ready-to-go bronchoscopy solution that improves safety and productivity. The endoscopes are sterile straight from the pack, always available and included in one hassle-free package.

What is Ascope 4 cysto?

The aScope 4 Cysto platform enables you to perform cystoscopies at convenient satellite clinic locations. See our Initial Physician Perceptions of Clinical Performance Report for the aScope 4 Cysto. See our product in action.

What is the 46th Ascope council meeting?

The 46th ASCOPE Council Meeting hosted by PT Pertamina in coordination with ASCOPE Secretariat was held virtually on 25th October 2021 for the first time since ASCOPE’s establishment in 1975.

What is Ascope doing for low carbon energy transition?

On 10th November, 2021, ASCOPE participated in the “Seminar on the Role of Natural Gas in Advancing a Low-Carbon Energy Transition in the ASEAN Region” which was virtually hosted by Ministry of Energy Brunei Darussalam and co-hosted by ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE). ADG Book is now available for sale online!

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