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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PMESII-PT used for?

Developed by the United States Army, used as a way to execute a more complex strategy in foreign countries with a complex and uncertain context to map. PMESII-PT was developed by the United States Army as means of executing strategy in foreign countries with high complexity and uncertainty.

What are the six operational variables of PMESII-PT?

The six operational variables of PMESII-PT 1 Political (P) 2 Military (M) 3 Economic (E) 4 Social (S) 5 Information (I) 6 Infrastructure (I) 7 Physical environment (P) 8 Time (T)

What is PMESII-PT?

PMESII-PT is a memory aid for the eight operational variables that make up any OE. When listing the variables, it is therefore advisable to list them in the same order as in the memory aid. However, this sequence does not mean that one always addresses and analyzes the variables in a particular order.

What is included in a PMESII exercise design?

Exercise Design These items include exercise parameters; task and countertask development; PMESII-PT OE development; orders, plans, and instructions; and typical briefings, conferences, and control documents. The right- hand column contains page references in TC 7-101 for each step/task and action required.

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