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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Ambu ® aScope ™ 4 Broncho endoscopes?

The Ambu ® aScope ™ 4 Broncho single-use endoscopes are guaranteed sterile, always available and part of an integrated solution that improves safety, workflow and productivity. All aScope ™ bronchoscopes are compatible with the Ambu ® aView ™ monitors.

What is Ambu aScope 3 Slim?

In short, aScope 3 is about enhancing patient safety and increasing productivity with a videoscope that is always available, sterile and provides quality at an affordable price. The NHS Supply Chain code for Ambu aScope 3 Slim is FKK084.

When will the Ambu single-use ureteroscope be available?

Ambu will launch a sterile, single-use high-resolution cystoscope in 2022. Ambu will launch a sterile, single-use digital flexible ureteroscope in 2022. How do urologists rate the Ambu single-use cystoscope? This white paper conveys the results of urologist evaluations of aScope 4 Cysto after performing cystoscopies.

Who is Ambu?

Ambu is the world's largest supplier of single-use endoscopy solutions. Our solutions for urology offer:

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