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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ascope ™ 4 Broncho?

The aScope ™ 4 Broncho gives you clear visibility of the near and distal bronchial segments. The clear, sharp images and adaptive light control make identification of lung anatomy and navigation in the bronchial tree easy. The high bending angles and precise tip motion allows you to easily navigate into all segments of the lung.

Why choose the Ambu aScope 4 cysto?

New possibilities. The Ambu ® aScope ™ 4 Cysto is a single-use, flexible endoscope that enables you to take control of your schedule and be more productive – without compromising on the quality of your work. aScope 4 Cysto never deteriorates because you get a brand-new cystoscope for every procedure.

What is included in the Ascope ™ Broncho sampler set?

What’s more, Ambu ® aScope ™ Broncho Sampler Set includes the accessories you need to perform BAL and BW sampling procedures safely and efficiently. The aScope ™ 4 Broncho endoscopy solution also includes Slim (3.8/1.2) and Large (5.8/2.8) sizes all in one system.

What are the advantages of a caedascope 4 cysto?

aScope 4 Cysto eliminates the need for reprocessing and enables you to cut costs such as cleaning supplies, maintenance, and costly repairs. As a result, it simplifies workflow, frees up resources and enables you to treat more patients. Count on clear sharp images, which make it easy to identify anatomical structures.

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