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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ascope 3 system?

The aScope 3 system consists of the aScope 3 and the aView. To avoid risk of cross-contamination the aScope 3 is a sterile single use device. The aView is reusable. There are 2 different variants of the aScope 3: aScope 3 5.0/2.2 and aScope 3 Slim 3.8/1.2

What is the size of Ambu aScope 3?

Ambu® aScope™ 3 Large 5.8/2.8 Ref # 414001000 Ambu® aScope™ 3 Family The aScope™ 3 Family consists of 3 bronchoscope sizes. The colour coding makes it easy and fast to find the right size.

How does AVIEW work on Ascope 3?

aView The aView displays the video image from the aScope 3. During start up, aView powers up and configures the aScope 3. If the aView battery icon on the screen changes from fully charged to low battery (red battery) within 30 minutes, aView must be replaced.

Are there any restrictions on the sale of Ascope 3?

- US federal law restricts these devices for sale only by, or on the order of, a physician. - Keep the aScope 3 handle and the aView dry during preparation, use and storage. - The batteries in aView are not changeable and must only be removed upon disposal. - Portable electronic equipment may affect the normal function of the aScope 3 system

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