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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ARKids First?

What is ARKids First? ARKids First was designed by the State of Arkansas to ensure the children of working families who earned too much for public assistance but could not afford to purchase health insurance. For more information, visit the State of Arkansas' website for ARKids First.

How do I apply for ARKids First coverage?

Visit the State of Arkansas' website for specific eligibility information. How do I apply for ARKids First coverage? Let the staff of Arkansas Children's help you with the application process by calling 501-364-1230. Or, you can call the DHS toll-free hotline at 1-888-474-8275 and all the application information will be mailed to you.

What does the ARKids program cost?

The ARKids program provides a full package of benefits under two coverage options based on family income: There is no charge when you child participates in ARKids A. For ARKids B, there are co-payment required for some services. Your children’s health is important to you and to us, so check out the links for more information.

What is ARKids First connectcare?

For more information, click here. ConnectCare is a program that assists Medicaid and ARKids First families in finding a medical home by linking them to a primary care physician (PCP) and dental care. ConnectCare has 3 components: Toll-Free Telephone Helpline, Dental Coordinated Care Program and Health Promotion and Outreach.

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