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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arkansas a poor state?

The report ranks Arkansas the third poorest state in the country. With a median household income of $44,334, Arkansas is one of only three states in the country where more than half of all households earn less than $45,000 a year. Arkansas incomes are actually increasing.

What is so special about Arkansas?

What is so special about Arkansas? Arkansas prides itself for being the world capital of a variety of things, including quartz (this honor is attributed specifically to the Mount Ida area), spinach (Alma), folk music (Mountain View), and archery bow production (Pine Bluff).

What is Arkansas best known for?

What is Arkansas known for?Beautiful Lakes.Rivers.Hotsprings.

Is Arkansas a good state?

While many states could theoretically claim to be the best state in the United States, only one can own that crown. In the next 400-ish words, I will convince you that Arkansas, yes, Arkansas, is the best state in the mighty USA. Arkansas possesses some of the most beautiful forests and parks in the nation.

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