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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I recover my ArenaNet account?

Search your email for messages to (or from) the ArenaNet Support Team. If you submitted a ticket in the past, it may shed some light on the email address, game key, or other important details that will help you recover your account. Search your email for a receipt with your game key.

Does ArenaNet read the forums?

While support does not regularly read the forums, it sometimes can help to get attention to your ticket. Unless the Support Team has recently moved, they are in-house, as proven by a statement by Gaile Gray, and by periodic job listings at ArenaNet. Creating duplicate tickets is frowned upon; it's best to update your current ticket. Good luck.

What to do if you break ArenaNet rules?

ArenaNet can check logs etc to see what happened. If you did break the rules: Then your best option is to accept that you got a penalty. I would wait at least two months. Longer is better. You got a penalty after all.

How do I contact ArenaNet PR?

For press & media inquiries, please contact. [email protected] Postal Address. ArenaNet, LLC.

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