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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Nolan Arenado ejected from the Cardinals game?

St. Louis Cardinals' star third baseman Nolan Arenado was ejected from Wednesday night's game versus the Chicago Cubs in the top of the third inning for arguing a check swing strike-three call.

Was Arenado's ejection warranted?

If Arenado said one of the magic words, the ejection was warranted — regardless of whether the call he’s arguing was correct. But if Arenado uttered one of those words, he should have been tossed immediately. He wasn’t. The ejection didn’t come when he was in Libka’s face or even saying anything.

What happened to Arenado?

Arenado first nodded in acknowledgement then started screaming toward Lopez, and both benches and bullpens quickly cleared. A large huddle of pushing and shoving developed and some players were wrestled to the ground. Arenado, who shoved Tomas Nido before charging toward the mound, was ejected from the game.

What happened between Nolan Arenado and Tomas Nido?

Nolan Arenado (l.) scuffles with Tomas Nido as a brawl between the Mets and Cardinals breaks out Thursday. Pete Alonso is taken down by Cardinals first base coach Stubby Clapp.

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