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Frequently Asked Questions

How many acres is Arbuckle Wilderness Park?

Enjoy feeding the animals from your car! More than 200 acres in the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains with hundreds of exotic animals roaming free! Also House of Reptiles Petting Zoo and more! Arbuckle Wilderness Park is a fun filled adventure land where wonderful and diverse creatures from over five continents roam in similar habitats to their own.

Is Arbuckle wilderness free for kids?

Come enjoy fun with the whole family at Arbuckle Wilderness in Davis, Oklahoma! Guests can enjoy more than 200 acres in the Arbuckle Mountains with hundreds of exotic animals roaming free. Kids under 4 years are free. Group rates available for 25 or more people.

What kind of animals are in Arbuckle wilderness?

Recommended Reviews for Arbuckle Wilderness. We didn't see the rhinos or giraffes or wolves. But we did have plenty of animals that came to our vehicle camels, donkeys, geese, llamas, alpacas, emus, ostrich, bison, cows, yaks, long horns, horses, deer, and more. These animals were majestic and beautiful to see in person.

What is the highlight of the wilderness area of the zoo?

Highlight of the wilderness area was the camels robbing us blind and yanking the cups out of our hands. So make sure to hold on tight. So as an animal lover I was super excited to come and visit this outdoor zoo.

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