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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of Arbuckle wilderness?

Open year round. Summer hours (Jun-Aug): Daily 9am-7pm Arbuckle Wilderness is Oklahoma's premier exotic animal theme park with over 400 acres of exotic animals. You'll see hundreds of wild, exotic and rare animals, most roaming freely in habitats similar to their own.

What kind of animals are in Arbuckle wilderness?

Recommended Reviews for Arbuckle Wilderness. We didn't see the rhinos or giraffes or wolves. But we did have plenty of animals that came to our vehicle camels, donkeys, geese, llamas, alpacas, emus, ostrich, bison, cows, yaks, long horns, horses, deer, and more. These animals were majestic and beautiful to see in person.

How big was the cage in Arbuckle wilderness gift shop?

I was shocked when I went into the "gift shop" at Arbuckle Wilderness and saw a grown lemur in a way too small cage, which was approx 15 square feet. The animal was obviously in distress, and pacing back and forth.

How far is Arbuckle Mountain fried pies from Turner Falls?

Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies 262 1.6 mi$ • Bakeries • American Smokin' Joe's Rib Ranch 319 2.5 mi$$ - $$$ • Quick Bites • American • Barbecue See all Attractions 1 within 3 miles Turner Falls Park 888 0.5 miCastles • Parks See all Contribute Write a reviewUpload a photo ReviewsQ&A Filters English Popular mentions large bag stick their heads

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