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Frequently Asked Questions

Could the Arbuckle tragedy have been prevented?

But the tragedy-that claimed the little girl's life and left Arbuckle seriously injured-could have been prevented if the young mother had of been diagnosed one day earlier.

Who is Andrea Arbuckle?

Andrea Arbuckle is a licensed veterinarian, treating companion animals, horses, and livestock. Dr. Arbuckle is also an AVCA certified animal chiropractor.

Is General Arbuckle a hero or a villain?

General Arbuckle is a hero with courage you cannot conceive of nor exhibit and speaks the unvarnished truth about the stumble/bumble perennially wrong on the take politician and the illegitimate regime surrounding and propping him up.

What did James Arbuckle do for the Army?

From 1990 to 1992, Arbuckle played a key role as an Army Strategic Fellow in developing the “Revolution in Military Logistics (RML), which changed how the Army and wider military's logistics were managed. From 1995 to 1997, Arbuckle served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Ammunition, AMC, Alexandria, Virginia.

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