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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Arbuckle Creek?

Arbuckle Creek cuts through the valley where Minden sits and delivers trouble to its residents. Coffman works two jobs in town, one at a chiropractor’s office and the other waiting tables at a restaurant. Minden is home, but she and the other remaining residents are desperate to move.

How often does Arbuckle Creek flood mindminden?

Minden is a verdant place where Arbuckle Creek, the stream that carved the valley to begin with, runs between and behind its homes. The trouble is that when it rains, the water has nowhere to go but up. The creek bucks its banks “maybe four, five, or six times a year,” says Coffman. “And when it floods,” Kincaid adds, “it runs for days.”

Who lives on contaminated land in Minden WV?

The residents of Minden, West Virginia, have been living and suffering on contaminated land for more than 30 years. They want out. But it’s not that easy. Annetta Coffman has watched neighbor after neighbor get cancer. Five years ago, her son, Dalton Kincaid (left), was diagnosed, too.

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