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Frequently Asked Questions

What is APRO?

A nonprofit organization, APRO is also the leader in RTO research, which provides insights and data about the industry for members to create winning business strategies and improve their bottom line. MEMBER ACCESS: 2021 Industry Health Survey.

What is APRO interfacing cloud?

APRO Interfacing Cloud offers the ability to interface Suppliers, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Purchase Agreements, Customers and Customer Transactions to Oracle Financials Cloud. With this standard solution APRO offers a quick connection for financial data coming from any type of external system.

What is apapro?

APRO is the most powerful network of businesses and individuals working together to build a prosperous future for the lease purchase industry. Join us at our upcoming events and trade shows held all over the country.

What is APRO banking gateway?

APRO Banking Gateway provides a standard solution for Oracle Financials to simplify inbound file processing. Processes like bank reconciliations, lockbox processing and remittance files can be automated and simplified using this standard solution.

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