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Frequently Asked Questions

What is APR and how does it affect me?

The APR being offered to you has a huge impact on a number of factors; the rate of interest you must pay to the creditor, how you make repayments on the account, whether it's a loan or credit card agreement. If there are any fees associated with the agreement be it in relation to;

What is APR and how does it affect your mortgage?

The APR on your mortgage is the interest rate on your loan plus all of the costs such as points and origination fees. The factors that affect your APR are: Credit score: The single biggest factor that people can control that affects a mortgage rate is their credit score.

What is Apr example?

The simplest example of APR is the nominal annual percentage rate, which is a basic expression of the exact interest rate that a loan will accrue on an annual basis.

What is the real Apr?

The real APR is not the same thing as interest rate, which is a barebone number that represents the cost of borrowing on the principal amount. While useful, interest rates do not offer the accuracy a borrower really wants to know in determining which rate from which lender is the best deal.

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